Despite the wonders of modern technology, scanning slides and negatives is not a fast process, as I do it all by hand. There are companies out there that use large bulk scanning machines to scan large numbers of frames very quickly, and I’m sure their prices reflect this.

I check each image and make adjustments to get the best possible digital copy of it as I go, and because of the high resolution settings that I use, each frame takes several minutes to scan, meaning that I can do around 8-10 frames per hour.

There is also time needed to pack and unpack each batch, along with the time taken in copying and getting the files ready to send back to you.

I charge $75.00 per hour for my services, with a two-hour mimimum, so that will give you an indication on what it will cost to scan the number of slides or negatives you have.

To get the best value, you can look carefully at your photographs and think about which ones you really would like to scan and share. These will probably be the ones of people or place or events that are, or were, important to you.

To get an indication of how much your scanning task is likely to cost, please use the form on the Contact page and tell me as much about the photos and what you’d like to do with them as you can. This will form the start of a discussion, so you will be able to think about it before committing.

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