About Me

My photography journey

I am a keen amateur photographer. My first camera was an old box brownie ā€“ which I still have. I took a roll of photographs with it when I was about 11. Some years later I developed the film and made prints at a photographic workshop held over the summer holidays. The entire process fascinated me and I was hooked.

I took a black and white photography class when I was at college, and bought a very good 35mm camera and documented all sorts of events and family activities for many years. In the early 2000s digital photography became accessible and started to match the quality of 35mm. The internet opened up exciting new possibilities for sharing digital photographs, creating professional-quality albums, books and calendars and incorporating my photos into online blogging.

All those photos Iā€™d taken with my film camera were, however, stuck on the shelf. Initially I scanned the prints of my photos using a standard desktop office scanner, but the quality was disappointing and nowhere near as good as digital photographs.
Eventually I purchased my scanner and gradually scanned all my negatives and transparencies. This time the quality matches that if digital images, although it still retains that unmistakeable film look. My images are now able to be shared with family and friends and I can easily create prints and albums commemorating loved ones or marking significant anniversaries.

This ability has brought a lot of joy to the people I know and love, and what motivates me to offer my services to help you and others do the same.

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