Let me turn your slides and 35mm negatives into high resolution digital files perfect for printing and sharing
Let me turn your slides and 35mm negatives into high resolution digital files perfect for printing and sharing

Digital slide and negative photo scanning in Hobart, Tasmania

Do you have boxes of old photo slides and negatives sitting in cupboards or the attic?

How long is it since you had a ‘slide night’ and looked at them?
Would you like to be able to share them with your family and friends?
I can help you bring your slides and negatives into the 21st century by having them scanned into digital files.

Preserve and share your precious images of the people and places that are imporant to you

Why should you scan your slides and negatives?

  • Photographic negatives and transparencies (slides) are fragile and will ultimately deteriorate over time
  • Negatives and transparencies contain more detail than the prints produced from them, so scanning these will result in better quality digital images than scanning the prints
  • Digital images can be shared easily with family and friends on the internet, privately or via social media apps, websites and mobile devices
  • Digital images can be viewed on your computer or TV screen, via apps or by incorporating them into presentations that can be played, shared and enjoyed – an update to the old ‘slide night’
  • Making prints from digital images is easier and cheaper than printing direct from negatives and transparencies, so you can share prints with your loved ones
  • Digital images can be used to create all sorts of items, such as photo books and albums, key rings, coffee mugs, posters and canvas prints
  • Having your photographs turned into digital files will keep your precious memories in mind and accessible, rather than gathering dust in storage

Benefits of digital scanning

Physical media like photographic slides and negatives invevitably fade and deteriorate over time. Digital scanning creates a high-quality copy of the image for the future.

We can help preserve your slides and negatives in professional quality archival folders

Negatives and slides have better image quality than the prints made from them. By scanning the film itself, you’ll have a much better quality version to share.

Once scanned, your photographs can be shared online or turned into beautiful prints, photobooks and albums – or even calendars, posters or coffee mugs.

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